About us

What’s in a name?

The Arabic letter WAW is the 27th letter of the Arabic alphabet, but it is no ordinary letter. When placed before a noun the letter waw takes on numerous connotations: togetherness, sympathy, dependency, and an oath. In English, it is an acronym for: what is happening and where? Why is it taking place and who is doing it? Will I be able to get there? WOW that was a great event!

This magazine was named WAW in the hope that it will prove to be as diverse, rich, friendly, and inspiring as the Arabic letter WAW.

Credit for the enthusiasm and input that led up to the development of this magazine, including its name go to:
Carinne Adam
Raed Asfour
Dina Abu Hamdan
Munir Fasheh
Nisreen Alami
Wassef Masri
Rana Safadi
Saad AbdulHadi
Serene Huleileh

Media Sponsors:
Al Nasher
Al Ghad newspaper
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Startup funding:
Dramatiska Institutet
The European Union


Featured ARTIST

Dina Wedidi

While still studying Oriental Languages at Cairo University, Dina joined El Warsha Theater Troupe and discovered her passion for music, learning to sing a wide variety of traditional genres.